Monday, 23 April 2012

Band Profile: God's Mama

I don't think I have the right vocabulary to describe just how much we at Bands & Books HQ are looking forward to this one! Let's just say we're jittering about and listening to this epic performance on Tom Robinson's 6 Music show, and generally feeling woozy. 

Yes WOOZY, that's what I came up with. 

Now, for those who have yet to encounter God's Mama, here's their bio (spoiler, think of the perfect possible band for Bands & Books; that):

Where so many female vocalists in Really Heavy Bands play on the contrast with whispers, drawls, or exaggerated girlishness, Sibyl Madrigal, a Texan performance poet, growls and snarls to match the post-punk / slowcore grind, making this a mixture of Swampland and Spiderland ...
... 20 years ago, Kim Gordon deadpanned: “England didn’t invent punk-rock; girls did.” True, the girls of this decade’s post-punk revival have lasted longer than most, but God’s Mama point to the flaw: where are the older Women making punk? (written by Michael Mellor, Nov 2010)

Sibyl Madrigal, the group’s lyricist and singer, is an infamous performance poet who has worked with players including Lol Coxhill, Paul Rogers, Pat Thomas and Alex Ward for many years. Her work has shocked and delighted discerning audiences from Dallas to New York to London to Edinburgh to Amsterdam ...
Alex Ward, the group's guitarist, discovered at the tender age of 14 by the late great Derek Bailey, was born to play. a sickeningly talented multi-instrumentalist who has played with Eugene Chadbpourne and come to the attention of anyone of note.
On bass, the band features the moody magic of Darren Morris, who works with DJs and producers including Tim Goldsworthy (DFA Records & Massive attack), Ashley Beedle, David Holmes adn Jagz Kooner (Reverend And The Makers, The Whip). His bass beats like the very pulse of God's Mama's own heart.
On drums, Lee Morris is arguably the most bitchin' powere drummer in the world of rock! And yes they're brothers too.
The first album is on sale at Ray's Jazz, Foyles (3rd floor) and Sister Ray's, Berwick Street, London.
We are the tightest, mightiest, strangest band to bend the rock world in years, at least since Janis Joplin's first furtive fumblings with Patti Smith.
God's Mama blesses you.
See God's Mama very much doing their thing alongside Morte Point, Abigail Tarttelin and Molly Naylor on Sunday 29th April (THIS SINDAY) at Power Lunches in Dalston. 
See you on Sunday! 

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