Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Reader Profile: Sean Mahoney

We are delighted to announce that this Friday's festive frolics are to be enhanced by the considerable talents of the one and only Sean Mahoney!  

A spoken word artist and comedian hailing all the way from north London, Sean Mahoney is an associate poet to the roundhouse with the Rubix collective and in the space of two years feels like he's performed in the upstairs of cellar or basement every pub in london has had a comedy or poetry night. He's writing his third biography for a gig today and feels funny talking about himself in third person but is incredibly happy to be doing it for bands and books. The night and idea excites him, his favourite performers have performed there, he's been on the blog a few times and is super happy he's been asked. Ready to go BRO!

We asked Sean for his favourite music so we can evaluate his taste in bands and judge him accordingly. Sean you have not let us down! 

Erykah Badu- Honey, Window seat
Statik Selekta- Play the game (featuring big KRIT and Freddie Gibbs)
Kendrick Lamar- A.D.H.D., Poe mans Dreams
Neil Young- Revolution blues, On the beach.
Steely Dan- Deacon blues, Aja, big black cow
Big KRIT- No Wheaties
The Roots- Make my.
Jay Electronica- Exhibit C
Fleet Foxes- Helplessness blues, Sim Sala Bim
Little Dragon- Shuffle a dream, Ritual reunion
9th Wonder- Now I'm being cool
Gillian Welch- Relevator, Wayside/back in time, Miss Ohio, Wrecking ball
Fabolous- Drugs do this to me.

Listen to Sean's playlist on Spotify here

It would be absurd for you to miss our Christmas special, we have further lineup announcements to make, so watch this space, we're also promised some mince pies courtesy of our friends over at I Want to Bake Free

See you from 7:30pm at the Victoria in Mile End!

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