Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Reader profile: Rob Auton/Bang Said the Gun

Bands & Books discovered Bang Said the Gun at Latitude festival this year, describing itself as "Stand up poetry for those who don't like poetry", we were intrigued, then delighted. Whilst still basking in the glow of a 5 Star Edinburgh review, we asked them if they'd like to send someone to represent at Bands & Books, and lo, they're sending us their "top gunslinger" Rob Auton. 

Rob Auton has ideas and sees if other people like those ideas by writing them down, standing up on stage, and saying them out loud.  In recent years he has began to walk slowly, but with purpose, onto a huge variety of poetry and comedy stages up, down and across the British isles.  He also co runs London poetry extravaganza Bang Said The Gun. http://www.bangsaidthegun.com/

We asked Rob to send us a snapshot of his musical leanings, here's a few...

Tom Waits, Hoist that rag
Radiohead, Ideoteque
The Beatles, Strawberry Fields
Neil Young, Pocahontus
Bob Dylan, Highway 61
Leonard Cohen, Bird on a wire
The flaming Lips, Do you realise
Daniel Johnston, Worried Shoes

...and here's that list magically transformed into a book themed mixtape.

Rob Auton will perform at our launch party this Friday! 

If you want to contribute to our book themed mixtapes, simply let us know your  favourite book & 5-10 songs that you think go well with it.  We'll then turn them into mixtapes which we'll play on the night. Don't forget to bring the book along on the night to sit in the "Now Playing" stand. Email welovebandsandbooks@gmail.com  -we'll play the best at Friday's launch party.

Did we mention, that?

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